All Dialyzers are NOT Created Equal.

Designed to clear maximum uremic toxins


REVACLEAR dialyzers are designed with features that can translate into differences-- giving you the
performance you need today for your patients.





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The ESA Study—a retrospective, observational study (N=37,500)—concluded that REVACLEAR dialyzer, when compared to Optiflux, may potentially save an estimated $660 per patient annually, through reduced erythropoiesis stimulating agent (ESA) utilization.1.2

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Using a minimum of 300 mL of saline for priming, the REVACLEAR dialyzer may reduce the
amount of saline needed at your dialysis center.3


Effective Results With Only Two Sizes

REVACLEAR 1.4 m2 and 1.8 m2 dialyzers allow you to achieve necessary clearances—no need to
order and stock a broad inventory


Three-layer membrane

Three-layer membrane

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Removes critical uremic toxins while retaining albumin and other similarly sized molecules

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Adequately clears a large fraction of middle molecules similarly sized to Beta-2 Microglobulin (SC = 0.7, 70%)


Sterilization and Priming 3


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Steam sterilized—never sterilized by E-beam or Ethylene oxide (EtO)

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Reduced priming requirements—a minimum of 300 mL is required


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These Baxter dialyzers also meet specific needs of specific patient types:


Designed specifically for small patients including pediatric indications

REVACLEAR dialyzers are indicated for the treatment of chronic and acute renal failure by hemodialysis.3

For single use only.