PHOENIX X36 Hemodialysis Delivery System
Flexible HD and Easy To Use

A System Built For Clinicians



The PHOENIX X36 Hemodialysis Delivery System is designed to be an easy-to-use device. Its flexibility allows it to reliably provide effective, high-flux and low-flux hemodialysis, hemofiltration and ultrafiltration on patients weighing 15 kg or more.

In addition to its “ease-of-use features,” such as real-time Kt/V monitoring and Compensated Blood Flow (via the DIASCAN Monitoring System), a full-color touch screen, and Sodium and UF profiling, the PHOENIX X36 System offers built-in connectivity to EMR and patient prescription downloads using the EXALIS Dialysis Management Tool.


PHOENIX X36 System Key Features6

  • Can be used with either high or low permeability dialyzers6
  • Dialysate flow rate 350 to 800 mL/min6
  • Blood flow rate 10 to 580 mL/min6
  • Cartridge set technology enables compensated blood flow reading6
  • DIASCAN Monitoring System—a quality assurance tool—provides real-time, non-invasive Kt/V monitoring6
  • Integrated WHO Device Waste Handling Option6
  • Connectivity—EXALIS Dialysis Management Tool, direct connect, or middleware feasibility6




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The DIASCAN Monitoring System is a quality assurance tool that measures conductivity on the dialysate side of the dialyzer and calculates two parameters: Ionic Clearance and Plasma Conductivity.6

In conjunction with our PHOENIX X36 Device—the only machine on the US market to display the actual blood flow rate—the DIASCAN Monitoring System’s calculations can help manage a patient’s prescription by providing instant feedback on key items that can assist the clinician in making key decisions regarding the patient prescription.

Learn more about how the DIASCAN Monitoring System may benefit your patients’ HD treatment and your clinic’s quality plan processes.


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