With Baxter as your renal partner, you can confidently offer dialysis treatment options to meet
your diverse patient needs.

Why partner with Baxter? Because we are committed to working side by side with you, helping to deliver better results for your operations today. We are dedicated to innovating renal care for your operation’s future, and we have made major investments in a robust pipeline of hemodialysis (HD) products—specifically for you and for your patients.

Whether you are a nephrologist, nurse, patient care technician or biomed, your goal is to deliver the best possible care to patients—despite the complexities of HD therapy and the effects of reimbursement constraints. And, it is valuable to have a partner who offers solutions that allow you to focus on patient care.

Baxter offers a full range of hemodialysis-specific products and services to help meet
the needs of your HD patients, your staff, and your clinic.


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